Basic Hooks

Basic Hooks

Basic Hooks

For general home bathroom decoration, it can be installed on bathroom wall, bedroom wall, furniture, behind door;

  • Diverse types of hooks: can be divided into robe hooks, towel hooks, fabric hooks, coat hooks, wall hooks, etc.
  • Flexible choice of the number of hooks: can be divided into single hooks, double slots, 3-6 hooks (with flat)

What are wall hooks made of?

Hooks are typically made from four main materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and copper.

How do hooks made from different materials compare?

· Copper Hooks: Stylish, colorful, thick, durable, and corrosion-resistant. However, they are more expensive.

· Stainless Steel Hooks: Common, rust-free, and highly durable, ideal for long-term use.

· Aluminum Alloy Hooks: Lightweight and inexpensive, offering a cost-effective option.

· Zinc Alloy Hooks: Balanced in terms of price and durability, cheaper than copper and stainless steel but more durable than aluminum alloy.

How to hang wall hooks?

This hook, no punching, glue, clothes hook, sticky hook, can be used in bathroom, toilet, kitchen, towel, wall, wall, non-marking hook, Bring you the ultimate comfort experience!


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