Shower Drain

Shower Drain

Shower Drain

The floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air. The floor drain of the BGL factory will have excellent odor control performance in the bathroom. ;

There are generally two materials for floor drains in BGL factories: brass and stainless steel;

The shape of the floor drain is round and square, long strip, square, the coverage area of ​​the floor drain is large or small, suitable for different bathroom scenes, shower floor, corner, bathroom door;

BGL's floor drain colors can be produced in chrome, gold, brushed nickel, matte black, etc. Chrome plated floor drains and matte black floor drains are very popular in the American market, and your consultation is welcome;

Analysis of types and advantages and disadvantages of floor drain:

1, shallow water seal floor drain: shallow water seal floor drain has the longest history, its biggest defect is, if not used for a few days, the water trap due to no water and the smell of the sewer pipe and pests drive straight into the shallow water seal need to be often used or water storage is easy to dry up, there is the floor high drainage pressure assembly caused by water seal damage shallow water seal floor drain has gradually been set.

2, deep water seal drain: some manufacturers in order to overcome the above disadvantages, the water seal is higher, about 7-8cm, and quartz sand test, show that the water flow is fast, sand can be rushed out, not blocked, but the actual situation in the bathroom will rarely have sand. Sewage contains a lot of mucous impurities, the deeper the water seal, the greater the hair and these mucous impurities attached area, hanging stick at the bottom of the water trap, can not be cleaned up, after a period of time, it will cause the water channel more and more narrow, poor drainage; At the same time, the overall height of the floor drain increases, resulting in many shallow pipeline laying places can not be installed, so when buying the floor drain, we should also look at whether the height of the drain pipe can be installed.

3. Guangkou water seal and floor drain: Guangkou water seal and floor drain is the upgrade version of deep water seal and floor drain. This Guangkou water seal and floor drain is designed with a single drain, which can drain fast and not blocked, and the water seal can be 100 percent barrier against odor and insect prevention. This kind of floor drain is expensive at present. Advantages: It can effectively prevent odor for a long time. Disadvantages: few products on the top, the price is expensive.

4. Buckle cup water seal floor drain: The principle of buckle cup floor drain is that the back of the lid protrudes - block and the floor drain body forms water seal anti-odor. But because the water seal is very shallow, the effective water seal is only about half a centimeter. As long as the upstairs toilet flushes, the positive and negative pressure in the pipe will destroy the water inside the drain. The stench is allowed to enter the room unimpeded, and this drain is not effective in preventing odor. And because of its design defects, floor drains are easily blocked and drain slowly. (Note: The national building drainage code clearly stipulates that the shallow water sealed floor drain of this cup must be eliminated and prohibited works and decoration.) Disadvantages: This kind of water sealed floor drain of this cup cannot effectively prevent odor, easy to block and slow drainage. Advantages: The price is cheaper.

5. Spring type floor drain: It is divided into upper type and lower type. The spring type is to press the cover plate, the cover plate springs up, press again, it will be reset; Under the elastic type is to use the spring to stretch the seal core at the lower end of the gasket to seal because the spring is made of boron iron, easy to rust, elasticity gradually weakened, until failure, life is not long, and the spring is easy to wind hair, fabric, not easy to clean. Pros: Good anti-odor effect. Disadvantages: Slow drainage, and easy to clog for household use.


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