Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer

A hand dryer is a hygiene product used for drying hands or drying hands in the bathroom. It is divided into sensor type automatic hand dryer and manual hand dryer. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutions, hospitals, public entertainment places and every family's bathroom.

BGL hand dryer is advanced and ideal hygienic cleaning utensils and equipment.

  • How to use the hand dryer: after washing your hands, put your hands under the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer, the automatic hand dryer will automatically send out the comfortable warm air, quickly dehumidify and dry your hands. Then the air stops automatically.
  • The function of BGL hand dryer: it can meet the requirement of not using towel to wipe hands and prevent cross infection of diseases.
What are the different styles of hand dryers?

Hand dryers come in two main styles: induction-type automatic hand dryers and manual hand dryers.

Where are hand dryers commonly used?

Hand dryers are widely used in hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutions, hospitals, public entertainment venues, and home bathrooms.

How do modern hand dryers improve upon traditional models?

Modern hand dryers have addressed the issue of air being blown in a single direction, which can cause the temperature of the hand skin to become too high. They now feature an air guide device at the air outlet, equipped with an air guide sheet.

How does the air guide device work in these hand dryers?

The air guide device can rotate or the air guide sheet can swing, allowing the hand dryer to circulate air in multiple directions rather than a single path. This results in a more comfortable and efficient drying experience.

How do I choose a hand dryer?

Consider factors such as drying speed, energy efficiency, noise level, maintenance cost, and design and installation requirements. Different usage locations may require different types of hand dryers to meet their specific needs.


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