Corner Basket

Corner Basket

Corner Basket

The bathroom is the place we use to take a bath. The environment is relatively humid and the water vapor is relatively large. In order to place commonly used toiletries, we will design a shower corner basket in the corner of the bathroom to store bathroom supplies. Next, I will tell you how to choose a practical bathroom shower corner basket.


Shower corner baskets are generally divided into single-layer, double-layer and three-layer, which can be subdivided into stainless steel, glass and plastic corner baskets in terms of material.

The styles manufactured by the BGL factory are all corner baskets with strong load-bearing capacity, especially for the wall-mounted corner baskets, where shampoo and other toiletries are placed on them, with excellent load-bearing capacity. The compartment of the double-layer corner basket must have a certain load-bearing capacity.

Plastic corner baskets are generally sucked on the wall and hung in the corner.


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