Bathroom Hardware Sets

Bathroom Hardware Sets

Bathroom Hardware Sets

Generally, it includes towel rack, towel ring, paper towel holder, clothes hook, soap dispenser, bathroom shelf, toothbrush cup holder, soap dish, soap net, toilet brush holder. The bathroom accessories set for wholesale generally includes four pieces in one set and five pieces in one set. Set, a set of six pieces, the package includes blister, carton, carton

Regarding the design of the product, it is modern, with simple and smooth lines, strong and corrosion-resistant, and easy to use.

Integrating Chinese and Western cultural styles, it exudes a different charm.

Unique trim, available in seven color options, Chrome (Silver), Brushed Nickel, Gold, Matte Black, ORB, Rose Gold, Gun Grey.

Best material, environmentally friendly and healthy

Pass the strict 24-hour acid salt spray test, strong corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion and scratch resistance, durable and long-lasting as new.

Perfect for BGL bathroom suites and faucets etc.


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