Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom shelves are what we often call shelves, which are used to place daily necessities, shelves can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other places, in fact, shelves used to place toiletries have many functions, which can make the bathroom more neat and tidy;

  • Design style: it can be divided into single-layer bathroom shelves and double-layer bathroom shelves;
  • Material of shelves: stainless steel bathroom shelves, zinc alloy, space aluminum, glass plate plus metal (brass, zinc alloy, stainless steel) and so on.

Which kinds of toilet shelves are there?

1. Stainless steel storage shelf:
Stainless steel storage shelf will not rust, glossy surface, and durable, I believe that many families will use stainless steel storage shelf in the bathroom. Stainless steel toilet storage shelf wear resistance, corrosion resistance, but also give a person a strong sense of modern, very fashionable and beautiful, durable.

2. Space aluminum storage shelf:
Very light and light, and no rust no water stains, easy to dry after ventilation. Space aluminum toilet storage shelf design is simple and generous, integrated molding, board surface is smooth and firm and durable, in addition, its surface luster is delicate and not easy to rust, modeling is also simple and generous. The towel bar is a very elaborate design,

3. Copper storage shelf:
More is to give a person a strong artistic atmosphere and a long sense of time, it is noble and elegant, will not rust, and the bearing capacity is very strong, in addition to the copper bathroom storage shelf is long. If the material of the bathroom storage shelf is copper, it will have a very unique feeling, and our whole bathroom will shine because of its existence.

What are the elements of bathroom shelving worth paying attention to?

Toilet shelf selection skills

1. Whether the base of the toilet shelf is firm and whether it is easy to shake when pushing and pulling. The material selection of bathroom shelving is very important. Because the shelving in the bathroom is in the humid environment for a long time, it is necessary to choose the material that is not easy to get damp, rust and decay. Can consider stainless steel and alloy type bathroom shelving, choose bathroom shelving must not choose wooden, toilet moisture heavy, wooden is very easy to rot, resulting in shelf life reduction, choose stainless steel shelving is different, it will not only not be rotten, and long service life.

2. The actual use and weight bearing capacity of toilet shelving. Shelf is the fundamental ability to bear weight, consumers need to choose according to their own storage actual, can buy, with the hand to the appropriate pressure, observe its deformation. Generally speaking, it is necessary to match the tone of the three-piece bathroom set to ensure the consent of the bathroom style. All kinds of towel racks and washing racks in the bathroom are made of copper tube welded and chromed. The thickness of tube wall is appropriate when choosing.

3. Because the bathroom is more humid, attention should be paid to the smooth luster of the shelf when selecting, and the welding points should be firm and smooth. Can also be directly selected from stainless steel pipe welded, so that in the humid environment will not rust, can be used for a long time. Buy bathroom shelving, many because the size is not the same to buy shelving or small, or large, which requires you to measure the size, you can also find customized bathroom shelving company, they will save space for you, save cost.


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