Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

Paper towel holders can be used in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. They are designed to match bathroom accessory sets and are also personalized to meet different usage scenarios. For example, the paper towel holder has a shelf that holds more paper rolls, cell phones, lighters and other items. Paper towel holder that can hang cling film and towels.

  • Meet different needs: can be divided into single side and double side, single side can hang one roll of paper, double side can hang two rolls;
  • A variety of design styles: divided into straight pole type (single pole), half-open type, with a cover (one-handed tearing paper)
What is the paper towel holder used for?

A paper towel holder can be used to place towels, paper towel rolls, plastic wrap, and anything that can be hung. It is suitable for private and public places such as homes, hotels, bathrooms, toilets, public places, and entertainment venues.

What are the types of paper towel holders?

Upright paper towel holder

Horizontal hanging paper towel holder

How to install toilet paper holder?

1. Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder:

Say goodbye to drilling holes in your walls or cabinets.

No tools are required; you can easily install it under the cabinet or on the wall, saving valuable countertop space.

2. Floor Standing Toilet Paper Holder:

Utilizes an upright paper towel holder design.

Can be placed in various locations without the need for wall installation, increasing its versatility.

 How do the Wall Mounted and Standing paper towel holders differ in design and usage?

Vertical Paper Towel Holder:

· Comprises a paper towel rack chassis, a cylindrical shaft, and a top cover.

· One end of the cylindrical shaft is fixed on the chassis, while the other end connects with the top cover via a locking mechanism.

· The top cover includes a clamping mechanism to hold the paper towel roll securely.

Horizontal Paper Towel Holder:

· Begin by disassembling an iron hanger (plastic hangers won't work) so it forms a straight line.

· Measure the length of the kitchen paper towel's center tube and ensure the hanger is slightly longer.

· Stand the hanger upright on both sides to form a U-shape.

· Fold the U-shape into a mouth shape, leaving one section out. The inside of the mouth shape should match the height of the kitchen paper towel.

· To replace the roll, simply disassemble the lifting lug.


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