Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

The paper towel holder can be used in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. The design style is matched with the bathroom accessories set, and there are also individual designs to meet different usage scenarios. For example, the paper towel holder has a shelf, and the shelf can place more rolls, mobile phones, lighters and other items. Paper towel holder, you can hang plastic wrap and towels.


According to different needs, it can be divided into unilateral and bilateral, unilateral can hang one roll paper, and bilateral can hang two rolls;


According to different design styles, it can be divided into straight rod type (one rod), semi-opening type, with cover (one-hand tear paper)

What are the types of paper towel holders?

1. Upright paper towel holder

The vertical paper towel rack comprises a paper towel rack chassis, a cylindrical shaft and a paper towel rack top cover. The main characteristics are that one end of the cylindrical shaft is fixed on the paper towel rack chassis, and the other end is connected with the paper towel rack top cover through a locking mechanism between it and the paper towel rack top cover, and the paper towel rack top cover is equipped with a paper towel clamping mechanism.
The utility model adopts the upright paper towel holder, so that the paper towel holder can be placed in various places, and it is unnecessary to be installed on the wall, which increases the range of its use. At the same time, the installation of the paper towel tube is convenient and quick. When tearing the paper towel, you only need to press the top cover and the clamping mechanism on the side of the paper towel with your hand, without directly touching the paper towel on the roll, which is easy and hygienic. It avoids contamination of the pollutants on the paper towels on the rolls when cooking or doing other work, which brings convenience and hygiene to people's use.

2. Horizontal hanging paper towel holder

When using a horizontal paper towel holder, you should first disassemble the iron hanger (pure plastic will not work) so that it is in a straight line. After measuring the length of the center tube of kitchen paper towel (slightly longer than the center tube), stand the hanger on both sides upright. Currently, the hanger is U-shaped. Fold the U-shaped into a mouth shape (leaving a section out). The inside of the mouth shape is just about the height of the kitchen paper towel. Finally, when you want to replace, just disassemble the lifting lug.
Paper towel holder, a container made of plastic or metal material that contains or holds rolls of paper or origami. Private and public places such as home, hotel, bathroom, toilet, public place, entertainment place;


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