Handrails can be divided into toilet handrails, handrails for the elderly and disabled, bathtub grab bars, corridor grab bars, both sides of the toilet and the bathing area;

The general materials are all copper handrails, stainless steel handrails; aluminum alloy handrails;

The styles of grab bars include up and down movable bars, two-hand grab bars, L-shaped grab bars, and U-shaped fixed grab bars;

1. I-type passage handrail at the door: In order to facilitate the elderly entering and leaving the bathroom, I-type passage handrail can be set at the door of the bathroom, and the handle on the sliding door should also have the function of handrail.

2. L-shaped handrail for toilet: For the elderly, the horizontal part of the L-shaped handrail can be used for support, and the vertical part can be pulled, which is very suitable for helping the toilet.

3. Handrails for the washbasin: Handrails are installed in the washbasin, which is convenient for supporting the body, making the movement process safer and easier to stand by the pool.

What are the styles of bathroom armrest

Toilet handrail is used for the elderly or frail people to use, the most important is safety, safety and process structure and materials. It is recommended that stainless steel structure be used in the toilet, anti-skid material on the surface of ABS or nylon can be used, the safety of the inner core is to be pure mechanical stamping, do not use welding, relatively simple deformation and distortion, it is recommended not to choose the local surface grippers are stainless steel, so that the hand grasp is easy to slide more unsafe, faucet Tianwei armrest is still very good, you can see, It is also the brand of oh, compare to make a reference, this kind of thing is to see more, compare only, after all, it is the safety of the elderly or the safety of loved ones is important, I hope to help you.

There are folding up armrests installed on the wall behind the toilet bowl, there are folding and leg armrests installed on the side of the toilet bowl, there is a L-shaped armrest installed on the side wall, a font armrest, according to the orientation of the wall, L-shaped armrests, and a font armrest length can be customized.


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