Handrails can be divided into toilet handrails, handrails for the elderly and disabled, bathtub grab bars, corridor grab bars, both sides of the toilet and the bathing area;

The general materials are all copper handrails, stainless steel handrails; aluminum alloy handrails;

The styles of grab bars include up and down movable bars, two-hand grab bars, L-shaped grab bars, and U-shaped fixed grab bars;

1. I-type passage handrail at the door: In order to facilitate the elderly entering and leaving the bathroom, I-type passage handrail can be set at the door of the bathroom, and the handle on the sliding door should also have the function of handrail.

2. L-shaped handrail for toilet: For the elderly, the horizontal part of the L-shaped handrail can be used for support, and the vertical part can be pulled, which is very suitable for helping the toilet.

3. Handrails for the washbasin: Handrails are installed in the washbasin, which is convenient for supporting the body, making the movement process safer and easier to stand by the pool.


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