Coat Rack

Coat Rack

Coat Rack

The material of BGL coat rack is mainly brass coat rack;

The coat rack is divided into wall-mounted and floor-standing according to the style;

BGL wall mount is a wide long rod with hook, the hook shape has small short rod, cylinder, towel ring;

The floor-standing type is a vertical round rod in the middle of a marble disc, the shape of the hook is a small short rod, the chassis is 330cm, and the height is 1720cm;

There are generally three common colors: gold, black, silver, and a combination of black and gold.

Bathroom wall hanger - towel holder

From the point of view of convenience, if the bathroom adopts a closed integral bathroom, it is better to install the towel rack near the integral bathroom, so that it is convenient to take the towel after bathing. If you like to take a bath in the bathtub, it is best to install the towel holder near the head of the bathtub, within one arm of the bathtub, and the height should not be too high. Because used tubs are often slippery, towels and towels can be easily reached by sitting in the tub, avoiding the risk of falling.

Toilet wall hanger - towel rack

Towel rack For bathroom rooms with large internal space, the towel rack can be separated from the bath towel rack and installed near the washing station for easy access. If the bathroom space is limited, the towel rack can be combined with the bath towel rack and installed on the empty wall in the center of the bathroom. The installation height is about 1.5 meters above the ground, which can be adjusted according to the height of the user.

Toilet wall hanging rack - soap net, ashtray rack

The soap net and ashtray are installed on the wall on both sides of the wash tray, and the makeup table forms a line. Can be combined with single or double cup holders. Soap nets can also be mounted on the inside walls of the bathroom for easy bathing. The ashtray is usually placed on the side near the toilet for easy dusting.

Bathroom Wall Hangers - Shelving Single layer shelving

Shelving Single-layer shelving is generally installed above the face wash tray and below the makeup mirror. The height from the basin should be 30 centimeters. Multilayer shelving is usually mounted on both sides of the face wash tray.

Toilet wall hanger - glass rack

The corner glass shelf is mainly installed in the corner above the washing machine, and the spacing between the shelf surface and the washing machine is 35 cm. For washing powder, soap, detergent and so on. Visual space position combination installation of a number of corner frame, with storage and access to all kinds of toiletries, washing supplies.

Toilet wall hanger - Tissue holder

The paper towel holder is mounted on the side of the toilet, where it is easy to reach and not obvious. Generally 60 centimeters above the ground is appropriate. If the installation is not far from the wash station and shower head, it is best to choose a semi-enclosed or fully enclosed paper towel holder to prevent the paper towel from getting wet from splashing water.


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