Toilet Brush Holder

Toilet Brush Holder

Toilet Brush Holder

Generally, it consists of a round rod, a cover, a brush head, an external metal toilet cup holder, and a cleanable and removable cup to form a complete toilet brush holder;

According to the material difference, it can be 304 or 201 stainless steel, space aluminum, metal plus glass, metal plus ceramic,


The color can be made of chrome (silver), brushed nickel, gold, matte black, ORB color or gun gray for special needs;

BGL design styles are long and short, round and square, the pole is very convenient to store, and the brush head is very durable. A total of two brush heads can be provided, black or white plastic head and silicone toilet brush head;

BGL's toilet brush is very popular on major mainstream platforms such as Amazon e-commerce, Alibaba wholesale site, AliExpress, etc. because of its simple and stylish design;


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