Face Mirror

Face Mirror

Face Mirror

An essential part of bathroom accessories is the bathroom mirror. Its appearance allows people to use it in makeup and skin care;

The material of BGL bathroom mirror is generally brass, but also stainless steel;

The mirror generally has two sides, one side is a magnifying glass, the magnification is multiplied by 3, and the other side is normal reflection;

Beauty mirrors can be divided into wall-mounted and free-standing according to the installation method; wall-mounted trimming mirrors can be divided into folding and spring types;

According to the function of use, it can be divided into plug-in mirrors with LED lights and mirrors without lights;

According to the shape, it can be divided into round and square;

Type of bath mirror

1, if the shape of the bath mirror can be divided into rectangle, square, oval, egg circle and other shapes, if the shape is a separate whole, it can be divided into mirror edge grinding, mirror carving and so on.

2, if from the appearance of the bath mirror can be divided into large bath mirror, Taiwan mirror, embedded bath mirror three. One of the large bath mirror is more commonly used, but this kind of mirror needs more bathroom space.

3, a mirror or makeup mirror, the head of the mirror is relatively small, can also be used as a vanity mirror, can be placed directly on the vanity table or is fixed on the wall through the horizontal telescopic support.

4, embedded bath mirror, refers to the process of construction by the woodworker in the bathroom space to make embedded small wall cabinet, glued on the cabinet door has been cut mirror, embedded bath mirror is more space saving, convenient to use, closed the door can be used as a wall bath mirror, open the door can also be placed inside the daily products, bath supplies, cosmetics and other small items.

What are the factors of bath mirror that need attention?

1, choose a bathroom mirror to carefully observe the surface of the mirror, see whether the surface has bubbles, markings, good quality mirror its appearance work is very fine, and mirror surface no bubbles, impurities, black spots, black edge, back is not peeling, pinholes, scratches, light, pitting or impurities attached.

2. Choose a bathroom mirror and look at its corners, which should be straight without turning. You can use distant straight objects for reference, observe from front, side, back and other angles, especially pay attention to when moving the line of sight, the straight objects will not bend and deformation is no problem.

3, if from the point of view of convenient use and easy maintenance, no frame bathroom mirror is better than a frame bathroom mirror, because the bathroom space is often in a humid state, wood or leather and other frame materials used for a long time will produce material changes.

4, if from the perspective of beauty, the bathroom mirror with a frame has more advantages than the rimless bathroom mirror. If you want to buy a bathroom mirror with a frame, you should pay attention to its moisture-proof quality and pay attention to the coating of the frame.


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