Face Mirror

Face Mirror

Face Mirror

An essential part of bathroom accessories is the bathroom mirror. Its appearance allows people to use it in makeup and skin care;

The material of BGL bathroom mirror is generally brass, but also stainless steel;

The mirror generally has two sides, one side is a magnifying glass, the magnification is multiplied by 3, and the other side is normal reflection;

Beauty mirrors can be divided into wall-mounted and free-standing according to the installation method; wall-mounted trimming mirrors can be divided into folding and spring types;

According to the function of use, it can be divided into plug-in mirrors with LED lights and mirrors without lights;

According to the shape, it can be divided into round and square;

Type of Bathroom Mirrors

· By shape: rectangular, square, oval, egg-shaped, etc.

· By appearance: large bathroom mirror, Taiwan mirror, embedded bathroom mirror.

· By function: mirror or makeup mirror (can be used as a dressing table mirror), embedded bathroom mirror (with storage function).

What to look for when buying a bathroom mirror?

· Mirror quality: Check whether the mirror has defects such as bubbles, scratches, stains, black spots, edge warping, peeling, pinholes, scratches, dents, etc.

· Is the angle straight: Check whether the four corners of the mirror are right angles, observe from the front, side and back to ensure that the mirror is not deformed.

· Choice of frame and frameless: If you consider the convenience of use and easy maintenance, frameless bathroom mirrors are better than framed bathroom mirrors, because the bathroom environment is humid and wooden or leather frame materials are easy to deform.

· The beauty and moisture resistance of the frame: If you choose a framed bathroom mirror, you need to pay attention to its moisture-proof quality and the coating of the frame.


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