Towel Holder

Towel Holder

Towel Holder

Generally composed of two bases and a metal tube, the style of the towel bar is highlighted by the design of the base, such as square design, circular design, oval design, rectangular design, etc.;

According to the needs of use, it can be divided into single towel bar, double towel bar and three-bar towel bar;

According to the function, the rotating towel bar can be unfolded or folded, and the number of bars can be 2-4 bars;

Towel rack, towel ring, etc

1 Full copper towel ring, which is made of superior copper material, the surface after many times of copper plating treatment, anti-corrosion, anti-wear performance is very good, use the full copper towel ring to hang the towel, do not worry about the towel ring rust will leave rust on the towel.

2 Stainless steel towel ring, this is the most common kind of household towel ring, stainless steel towel ring corrosion resistance is excellent, compared with all copper towel ring, the price is also much lower, very popular with consumers.

3 Zinc alloy towel ring, this towel ring is made of aluminum mixed with other metal materials alloy towel ring, its weight is very light, but the hardness is good, can withstand a certain degree of pressure.


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