Tissue Box

Tissue Box

Tissue Box

The tissue box is a closed-shaped box for storing tissue; the shape of the tissue dispenser is round and square, the round shape is suitable for roll paper, and the square shape is suitable for single paper drawing;

The material of tissue box is generally divided into stainless steel and plastic ABS;

BGL's tissue boxes are all dry tissue, and some styles are equipped with anti-theft functions, including keys and locks;

Types of tissue boxes

There are several

1, paper tissue box 100% pure paper folding

2, metal tissue box is mainly 0.23mm tinplate, more suitable for family or need to hang the occasion

3, plastic tissue box is mainly PP\PE material is more suitable for the room

By shape: rectangular, square, cylindrical

According to the material: paper box, plastic box, leather box, cloth box, wooden box, iron box, stainless steel, crystal and: soft, hard, transparent, translucent, opaque


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