BGL toilet paper holder - Introduction to the function of BGL toilet paper holder

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In the bathroom, people will use the toilet paper holder, it is not only beautiful but also very practical. And we know that the use of paper towel racks in life is indispensable. So, in the face of so many toilet paper support brands on the market, do you know which is better? Below, let's take the BGL toilet paper holder brand as an example to tell you how it is and what its specific role is.



Toilet paper holder


A toilet paper holder is a container made of a metal shell, which is built inside or on a shelf to roll paper or origami. Private and public places such as home, hotel, bathroom, toilet, public place, entertainment place, etc. The earliest cask boxes, slowly developed to large roll tissue boxes, origami racks. The style has gradually changed to modern innovation, ultra-luxury product quality design, leading the European charm, noble and elegant, and fashionable and wonderful decorative art.



The standing floor toilet paper holder comprises three parts: a toilet paper holder chassis, a cylinder shaft and a toilet paper holder top cover. The main feature is that one end of the cylinder shaft is fixed on the toilet paper holder chassis, and the other end is connected with the paper towel holder top cover through a locking mechanism between the cylinder and the toilet paper holder top cover, and the toilet paper holder top cover is equipped with a paper towel clamping mechanism. The upright toilet paper holder of the utility model is adopted, so that the toilet paper holder can be placed in various places, and it is unnecessary to install on the wall, which increases the scope of its use. At the same time, the installation of paper towel tube is convenient and quick, and when tearing the paper towel, only the hand needs to press the top cover and the clamping mechanism on the side of the paper towel, and the hand does not need to directly touch the paper towel on the roll, which is easy and hygienic. It avoids contamination of the pollutants on the paper towel on the roll when cooking or doing other work, which brings convenience and hygiene to people's use.




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