How to choose a toilet brush

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- Toilet brush purchase skills


The toilet is an essential item in the bathroom toilet, in daily life, in order to clean, we will use the toilet brush to brush the toilet, to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the bathroom. But the procurement staff on how to choose the toilet brush category is not clear, there are a lot of difficulties in the purchase of time, here to introduce to you.



How to choose toilet brush - How to choose toilet brush


Toilet brush/toilet cup refers to the professional brush used to clean the toilet and the cup placed on the toilet brush, which is an essential product of the family bathroom. Let's learn how to buy a quality toilet brush.



1. Brush with thick bristles. Cleaning the toilet mainly depends on the bristles, so pay attention to the density of the bristles to be moderate when purchasing.


2, the quality of the bristles. When cleaning the toilet, the bristles need to be vigorously brushed, so pay attention to the toughness of the bristles, and do not choose products that drop off the hair with a brush.


3, the material of the toilet cup: plastic toilet brush/toilet cup: refers to the toilet brush/toilet cup made of plastic. Stainless steel toilet brush/toilet cup: refers to the toilet cup made of stainless steel toilet brush/toilet


4, the toilet cup should be moderate. When purchasing a toilet cup, it is best to match with the toilet brush, the size should be moderate, it should match with the toilet brush, it is not large, it is not small, and it is easy to choose a toilet cup that is easy to clean, it is easier to maintain hygiene and avoid breeding bacteria.



How to choose a toilet brush - How to use a toilet brush


Toilet brush, toilet cup, is used to clean the toilet indispensable tools. So, how should you use a toilet brush?



1. Pour dishwashing liquid or soap powder on the toilet cup, soak in hot water, swivel with the toilet brush, and rinse off.


2, pour disinfectant rinse, bacteria will be relatively less. The basin, too, should be disinfected regularly with disinfectant.


3, each brush after the dirt, the brush will inevitably be stained with dirt, it is best to flush the water again, rinse it off, drain the water, spray disinfectant, or regularly soak with disinfectant, and put in the appropriate place.


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