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How To Find a Reliable Towel Ring Factory

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How To Find a Reliable Towel Ring Factory

Towel rings are now famous not only for residential bathrooms but also for establishments focused on hospitality such as hotels, inns, and restaurants. Due to this, the demand for towel rings is now increasing, making the producers finish more items than before.

In choosing a towel ring manufacturer, you need to know the towel ring supplier's company background, including their years in manufacturing and their previous and present clients. Choosing the right towel ring factory will determine how much profit you will be able to make.



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What Are Towel Rings?

Before, towels were only hung on hooks behind doors or bars screwed on the bathroom's walls. For modern bathrooms, people are now using towel rings not only for the bathroom to look tidy, but to keep the paint in good condition as well.

Since bathrooms are areas with moisture, materials used as bathroom accessories should be resistant to corrosion. The

recommended materials for the accessories are copper, chrome, aluminum-alloy, and iron-chrome.



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What Should You Consider In Choosing a Towel Ring Supplier?

As mentioned above, certain materials are more resistant to corrosion than are recommended for bathrooms. This is what you should consider first. The manufacturer that you will choose should have towel rings made from these materials.

Before you pick your final supplier, you should have done extensive research about the company. Are they new in the market? Are their products known? Do they have a minimum order requirement? Do they have discounts on bulk orders? These are just some of the questions that your research should answer.

If you are a new towel ring distributor, you should choose a supplier that has a low requirement for orders to see if the products will be able to sell out in the market.

For the unit price, consider a supplier that can give you even a small discount for each unit that you will buy or a slight slash on the total amount. With this, you will be able to have an additional profit. Usually, manufacturers only show the inquiry price on their websites. When you reach out to them, you may ask for a discount based on how many items you will order. As a distributor and manufacturer, you can both negotiate for the unit price especially if you are planning to have a long-term partnership.

You should also check for the product's durability. The towel ring manufacturers should be knowledgeable about the quality of their products. As you inquire about their products, you should set a quality standard since your company's reputation depends on the products that you will be selling.

If you are looking for a towel ring factory, you can search for them on the internet, send an inquiry, and wait for the company's response. From there, you can request a site visit to know more about their manufacturing processes.


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Since the towel rings became famous aesthetically, there are now a lot of manufacturers that can provide various bathroom accessories. However, these manufacturers differ in the materials they use and the processes they have. It is important to know which one suits your business to determine whether you will be gaining profit or have a loss.


Black T-shape hand towel holder

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