Odor-Proof Floor Drain - What are the types of odor-proof floor drain

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There will be a lot of decoration materials in our home now, and the decoration materials selected in different locations are not the same, and the functions are not the same. In the bathroom, a more common decoration material is odor-proof floor drain. The odor-proof drain core allows the water to flow out, and it does not produce odor. The reason why the anti-odor floor drain core has this function is inseparable from the anti-odor floor drain core. In fact, there are many kinds of odor-proof floor drain cores, and different kinds of odor-proof floor drain cores have different characteristics. This article will introduce the types of anti-odor floor drain core for you.



What is the odor-proof drain


Odor-proof floor drain core is a kind of equipment that we often use now, with odor-proof floor drain core, we will not smell the smell, but also let the water flow down, so the odor-proof floor drain core is very good. The reason why the old floor drain is reformed now is because the old floor drain does not have the function of anti-odor, and we can have the anti-odor function with the anti-odor floor drain core. And the odor-proof floor drain core can be directly inserted in the floor drain, there is no need to disassemble, so it is very convenient.



Odor-proof floor drain core type


In fact, the principle of a high water seal odor-proof floor drain core is relatively simple, because the smell is not able to pass through the water, so that we can not smell the smell. This piece of odor-proof drain core, it has good continuity.



Magnetic sealing type odor-proof floor drain core, there are two cylindrical magnetic blocks, because the gravity of water is greater than the magnetic gravity, so that the two magnetic blocks will be separated when the drainage, so that the bottom can be opened, if there is no drainage, the two magnetic blocks will not be opened, then the bottom will be closed.



Gravity balance type deodorant drain core, mainly according to the balance of the principle, in fact, with the above kind of magnetic sealing deodorant drain core is similar, the choice of people is also a lot.



If the switch is closed, the material used is very special, using silica gel and other materials, if there is water in it, the gravity of the water will open the anti-odor drain core, if there is no drainage, it means that there is no gravity, then it will be closed.

In fact, when we use the bathroom, we will use a lot of water, so it is necessary to install a deodorant drain. As for the odor-proof floor drain core, if you want the odor-proof floor drain to work well, and have a good working effect, you must pay attention when choosing the odor-proof floor drain core. Try to choose a better odor-proof floor drain core, and then the quality should be passable, so that the odor-proof floor drain can be odor-proof. You can also use it for longer.

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