Towel rack placement - towel rack placement skills and material introduction

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There are many places that need our attention. If the towel rack is well placed, it is very good and can facilitate our life. Next, Xiaobian will tell you about the placement skills of the towel rack, and then introduce some of the material of the towel rack in detail, you can understand it.



Towel rack placement - Towel rack installation height


The installation height of the towel rack seems to be a very simple problem, but when it comes to the need to install the bathroom towel rack installation, we will make a mistake, how much is the installation height of the towel rack?



The installation dimensions (height) of the towel rack (including towel ring, towel rod, bath towel rack, etc.) are generally as follows:


Towel ring distance from the ground height 900-1400mm;


Towel bar from the ground height 1100-1200mm;


This height is only a reference size, if the height of the family members is generally higher, then you need to install a little higher, but if the body is small, then you need to install a little lower.



Towel rack


Towel rack placement - Bathroom towel rack material


1, copper bathroom towel rack: copper bathroom towel rack color is relatively thick, suitable for European style use, and copper price is more expensive, improper maintenance is easy to produce patina.


2, space aluminum bathroom towel rack: Space aluminum bathroom towel rack is a recent out of a material, before is widely used in the aerospace industry, has recently been applied to the field of fame, with corrosion resistance, rust resistance and other characteristics, and affordable, beautiful appearance, is a very suitable for the public bathroom towel rack.


3, stainless steel bathroom towel rack: stainless steel bathroom towel rack will not have the phenomenon of surface falling off, and environmentally friendly, it is very easy to clean, but the price is more expensive.


4, plastic bathroom towel rack: This kind of bathroom towel rack belongs to temporary use, is a better choice, the home is not recommended to use plastic bathroom towel rack.



The placement and material of the towel rack is almost introduced here, in addition, if we want to buy a towel rack, we should pay more attention to the style of the towel rack, for the towel rack material is best to choose according to the decoration style of our own bathroom, I hope this article can help you.

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