What is the stability of the towel rack surface of different materials?

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Towel rack is a bathroom necessity, then different materials of towel rack surface stability? Let's take a look.



Towel rack material surface stability


1, depends on the nature of the material, 2, is the surface processing technology. The following are mainly introduced:


1, in contrast, the nature of stainless steel material is not easy to rust (in fact, rust is an oxidation process) characteristics to ensure its most stable, so it is most commonly used, "stainless steel" only need to be directly polished or brushed, without changing the surface material, or adding another coating, but according to the different grades, there are some differences in stability, The number commonly known as 304 is better than 201. The surface is polished, the material is good, the processing technology is good, and the mirror can be reached, but it is worse than the copper electroplating.




2, "copper" basically adopts brass, and the surface electroplating chromium treatment, the treatment is good, can reach the mirror, plus the natural price of copper, will have a noble feeling, if not electroplating treatment, the surface is very easy to produce patina, can not be used, such electroplating compared to the iron surface processing on a layer of "paint" is much more reliable, but also depends on the plating process, Otherwise, there will be patina on the surface if it is not used for a few years. Because the price of "stainless steel" materials commonly used in sanitary ware products is much lower than that of copper materials, some manufacturers according to the proportion of stainless steel and copper, magnets can not absorb the characteristics, the stainless steel material after electroplating counterfeit is made of "copper" materials, although the plating cost of stainless steel materials is not cheap, but the overall cheaper.



3, about "aluminum", because the "pure aluminum" steel strength can not meet the requirements of the use and the surface is very easy to oxidation can not be used, the use is generally rust-proof aluminum group or duralumin group, but it is unlikely to be the same aluminum alloy material used in the so-called space equipment, "aluminum alloy" material after the surface oxygen electrode oxidation treatment surface, It is much more stable than without surface treatment, and there are a variety of surface treatment processing results, mainly two kinds: one surface looks brighter, one is the surface looks similar to matte, the former surface layer is thin but harder, not easy to scratch. The latter kind of surface is like adding a layer of coating layer, although thick but easy to scratch, the latter kind of surface can be processed into a variety of colors, aesthetic aspects to be better, it is also an advantage.



4, "iron", because easy to rust must be surface treatment, points plating chromium or paint, compared to the "iron" above the coating is not "copper" above the coating more reliable. Using the paint process, the paint layer is also easy to scratch, fall off. However, there can be a variety of colors to make it more beautiful, and the paint layer is treated well and the life is not short, such as the automobile sheet metal paint layer, and there is no big problem for more than ten years.



5, "plastic", in terms of steel strength, life is worse than the above metal materials, but engineering plastics in automobiles and other applications are also many facts, so the reliability can basically meet the requirements of use, plastic can be processed into a variety of colors, structure, the price is also the cheapest characteristics, I think it is a good choice for temporary users who do not consider long-term use.

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> What is the stability of the towel rack surface of different materials?

Towel rack is a bathroom necessity, then different materials of towel rack surface stability? Let's take a look.Towel rack material surface stability

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