Die casting process in BGL factory

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Workers at the BGL plant put the raw zinc block into a die casting machine, where the operating temperature is raised to 430 degrees Celsius, and the zinc block melts into a liquid,



Then adjust the parameters according to the customer's product requirements (parameters will be displayed on the operating screen), including the time to inject the liquid into the mold, pressure, etc. (tonnage, pressure), which directly affects the product density;


Zinc in liquid state is injected into the mold and stays in the mold for 2-3 seconds to form;


When the mold is opened, the automatic mechanical arm will clip the molded product out and put it on the conveyor belt to cool;


During non-production period, mold maintenance and finishing will be carried out;


Die casting process is a process of organic combination of die casting machine, die casting die and alloy. The process of filling the cavity of the metal in die casting is the process of unifying the technological factors such as pressure, speed, temperature and time.


At the same time, these technological factors influence each other, restrict each other, and complement each other. Only by choosing and adjusting these factors correctly and making them consistent, can we get the expected results.


Therefore, in the process of die casting, we should not only pay attention to the technology of casting structure, the advanced nature of die casting mold, the performance and structure of die casting machine, the adaptability of die casting alloy selection and the standardization of melting process; More attention should be paid to the important role of process parameters such as pressure, temperature and time on casting quality. These parameters should be controlled effectively in the process of die casting.



Description of properties of die-casting zinc alloy materials:

Traditional die cast zinc alloys are 2, 3, 5, 7 alloy, currently the most widely used is 3 zinc

Alloy. In the 1970s, high aluminum zinc base alloys ZA-8, ZA-12 and ZA-27 were developed.

Common zinc alloy applications:

3# : Good fluidity and mechanical properties. It has mechanical properties, casting properties and economy

The best combination of Applied to castings with low mechanical strength, such as toys and lamps

Accessories, decorations, some electrical appliances.

5# : Good fluidity and good mechanical properties, high wear resistance.

Used in castings with certain requirements for mechanical strength, such as auto parts, mechanical and electrical parts,

Mechanical parts, electrical components.

2 ": Used for mechanical properties have special requirements, high hardness requirements, dimensional accuracy requirements.

The mechanical parts of

7A8: Good fluidity and dimensional stability, high creep resistance.


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> Die casting process in BGL factory

Workers at the BGL plant put the raw zinc block into a die casting machine, where the operating temperature is raised to 430 degrees Celsius, and the zinc block melt...

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