What Are the Bathroom Towel Bar Made of

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The mainstream bathroom hardware set material, there are:



① all copper chrome plating, ② solid stainless steel, ③ stainless steel tube, ④ aluminum tube (commonly used space aluminum), ⑤ other alloy class chrome plating, ⑥ plastic material class, ⑦ dip/dip/plastic-coated steel pipe etc..



In addition to the solid stainless steel is not common, the price of all copper chrome plating is the highest, the best sales are stainless steel tube and aluminum tube, alloy chrome plating, plastic and dip plastic steel tube is relatively cheap, durability is poor. The products mentioned in the answer are only for type indication. I do not sell such products. The brand information has been hidden, so we do not recommend specific brands and products. All copper chrome plating: If the budget is rich, the first choice is all copper chrome plating. The base material of all copper chrome plating is solid copper, mostly square strips. After casting, forging, cutting/stamping, grinding, chrome plating on the surface, the finished product is polished. Excellent durability, chrome plating layer itself corrosion resistance, good scratch resistance, multi-layer chrome plating process fine, exquisite texture. Daily use to avoid bumps, stained with soap stains, water stains, you can use the "kling wipe" class with water to wipe can be bright as new, five-star hotels basically all use this kind of. When shopping online, pay attention to Taobao properties, "material" is copper, "process" is chrome plating, it belongs to this class. Solid all-copper is basically the heaviest among bathroom pendant. When purchasing, we can basically judge whether it is solid all-copper based on the price, marked weight and appearance. As for the fineness of chrome plating, we can judge it comprehensively from the pictures, listing, evaluation and purchase samples. Some round tubes are copper tube chrome plated, which may appear on some parts with a rounded shape. Avoid buying this type of tube if it is load-bearing or durable. The price is more than 30% cheaper than solid copper.

Solid stainless steel: stainless steel is actually very suitable for humid environment, but the cost of solid stainless steel is not low, half lower than solid copper chrome plated similar products, but more than 30% higher than stainless steel tube products, belongs to the positioning of not high not low. Solid stainless steel surface is mostly wire drawing treatment, no coating, has good corrosion resistance, but the surface is easy to grind fine lines. Many stainless steel primary color will have the feeling of black, stained with water is not easy to restore the original state, the texture is cheaper than chrome plating. It has stronger firmness than hollow tube products, no round shape, similar to solid copper shape, mostly flat class multi-section welding and splicing. The same can refer to price, shape, weight and other factors to determine whether it is solid.



Stainless steel pipe: stainless steel pipe sanitary ware pendant, belongs to the mainstream material. Because of the mainstream, the quality is uneven, many use inferior stainless steel, alloy coating of cheap products. The shape is mostly round appearance, which is divided into multi-section welding/connection type, and the two-section support part is alloy material type structure. The former model is more simple, but more solid. The two ends of the latter support parts can make some complex modeling, but because of hollow, alloy and other reasons, the firmness is less than the former, the overall price difference is not big, because of the style and details are different, the choice of products is wider. When choosing, note that stainless steel models such as SU304 are superior in many ways, but SU304 overuses need to be identified. Mainstream bathroom brands have such products, worry about materials, workmanship, you can directly choose a second line located in the brand pendant. Cleaning because there is a dead Angle at the joint of the round pipe, the difficulty of cleaning is increased, and the drawing surface is easy to show water stains. If necessary, you can apply stainless steel maintenance agent, which can reduce hanging water to a certain extent. The polished surface needs to be careful to avoid scratching, because there is no coating, after scratching there will be obvious scratches. Bath towel holder with hanging rod, 600mm long, polished stainless steel tube, part end trim connection. Twin-bar towel rack, brushed finish, through-through and perforated connection.

Aluminum tube (space aluminum) : The word "space aluminum" began to appear in the market about ten years ago, the fog surface texture, the appearance is relatively simple. I bought several samples when they were just launched, and the initial impression was that they were relatively cost-effective products with detailed connection details. But the disadvantages are also very obvious, the strength is low, there can be almost no scratches on the surface, otherwise it will be very obvious and can not be repaired. Extra attention should be paid to installation. I have encountered that some friction will damage the surface during transportation. Most are sold in sets (bathroom sets, kitchen sets), and most people will buy the whole set. Common bathroom sets, including bath towel holder, towel rod, towel ring, gargle cup holder, toilet paper holder, toilet brush holder, bath rack, etc. If it is a towel bar, bath towel holder contact soft textile use, it is a higher cost-effective choice. But the toilet paper holder, kitchen pendant, contact with hard objects, there will be harsh sound, will soon be scarred. Space aluminum is mainly composed of penetration and end parts module. The connection is relatively loose. When placing heavy items, there will be noise or deformation. Bath towel holder with hanging rod, 600mm long, foldable tiled partition, fog surface. All kinds of toilet paper holder, double bar towel bar, solid end piece empty pipe penetration. Different positioning in terms of style and length, price, appearance and durability, according to their own budget, preferences and needs to buy, normal use will not have any problems. But alloy, plastic rod, plastic dip, there will be problems in ensuring normal use, rental housing is equipped with inferior alloy, coating can be seen, is a "thieves light" of chrome plating layer, coating may have uneven bubbles, end parts, hooks and other accessories and air pipe texture difference. In the process of use, there may be a risk of fracture, and the coating will flake after 1 to 2 years.


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