Whether The No-punch Towel Rack Is Good Or Not

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The most afraid of ordinary toilet washcloth rack without punching is water, because the fit degree of free punching and the adsorbed wall directly affects the vacuum pressure in free punching. If the fit degree of fruit tea, the vacuum degree of free punching is not easy to maintain, can not achieve the purpose of adsorption; When using no-punch, consumers always hope that the surface of the contact part with no-punch is smooth and sealed, which is conducive to vacuum no-punch firmly grasp the surface, but the reality does not have such ideal conditions.

Toilet towel rack is divided into drilling and non-drilling according to the installation method. Drilling holes on the wall or tile has strong bearing capacity, is not easy to aging, and is suitable for long-term living families; If it is recommended to install washroom towel rack with no drilling for short-term residence, it is easy to install and remove the household.


How to use no-punch hook:


First of all, we want to choose a clean and smooth plane, usually choose the kitchen bathroom tile wall, or stainless steel, refrigerator, glass more smooth more reliable, but absolutely can not install antiquated brick, wallpaper, soil wall, cloth, water paint and other not smooth plane.



Then we will install the surface of the no-punching hook to clean some, clean the oil and stains on it, and the clean and smooth wall can make the no-punching adsorption more reliable.


Note of no-punch hook:


1. The normal weight of the single hook should be within 12.8kg, not exceeding the maximum load. Do not hang dangerous and fragile items, so as to avoid falling off caused by improper use.


No-punch towel rack



2, please do not install this product near the fire, and uneven, such as soil wall, plaster surface, water coating wall.


3. Do not install the place where children can touch, in case of danger.


What if the no-punch hook does not suck:


1, you can use a cotton swab to evenly apply the egg white liquid to the non-drilling, and then stick to the tile or glass, until completely dry before hanging heavy objects.


2. Apply some soapy water on the back of the no-punching hole, and then stick to the wall surface, you can be more firm.


3. You can also take care of skin care oil on the back of non-perforating for reinforcement and stick it to the wall for a day before use.


4. Put the plastic without drilling in hot water for 10 seconds and take it out. It can also play the role of strengthening the hook.


5, there is a simpler method, drop some water in the no-punch, quickly glue the no-punch to the plane.



No-punch towel rack



Is it good to have a washcloth rack in the bathroom without punching holes?


The hole-free towel rack is a kind of fashionable household articles. It is nail-free, glue-free and tool-free to install and can be used repeatedly. Toilet hole-free towel rack based on the principle of vacuum adsorption, beautiful, practical, reliable quality, suitable for ceramic tile, glass, granite, wooden doors and other smooth, no line, no trace surface use.


Before using the washcloth rack with no-punching, pay attention to clean the adhesion surface, and then align the no-punching with the adsorption surface and press hard until it is firm. Want to make it firm, you can evenly spread the egg white on the non-punching, pay attention not to apply too thick, a thin layer can be; In the habit of sticking to the wall, temporarily do not hang the towel, such as egg dry, then hang the towel, so that it is very firm, can be assured to use.


No-punch towel rack



In fact, this is because the ordinary towel rack with no-punching is manually installed, the air is pressed out, and there will often be unclean extrusion, poor quality no-punching easy to change, and so on. It is easy to fall down after a period of time. How do you make the no-punch towel rack stronger?



We can choose a vacuum device. When installing, first put the no-drilling close to the wall, and then break the whole shelf down, so that the inside space can be cleaned and the real vacuum condition can be realized. After a long time, it will not fall down, unless the vacuum valve is opened. If it is moved to different positions after opening and moved several times, there will still be no deformation, suction reduction and other phenomena.

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